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The rules of rent

  1. Minimum order of a car or a minibus with driver is 3 hours + 1 hour for delivery.
  2. Minimum order of a car for wedding is 4 hours + 1 hour for delivery.
  3. Rounding of time is to 0.5 hours.
  4. Country-side trips at a distance over 5 km from the city limit are extra paid, at the rate of 20 rubles / km (calculation and payment is effected one-way).
  5. Ordering car with driver shall be made at least one day prior to trip beginning.
  6. The possibility of extending the time of car rental is determined by dispatcher based on the presence of next order.
  7. In case of failure to pay for extended time of rental, the service will be terminated.
  8. In case conditions of rent change, customer shall advise dispatcher not later than 2 hours prior to the service beginning.
  9. In case of order cancellation less than 2 hours prior to the service beginning, customer shall pay penalty equal to the value of the minimum order of the selected vehicle (3 hours) .
  10. In case of order cancellation 2 or more hours prior to the service beginning or postponing the date and time of the order penalty shall not be charged, yet the company may not guarantee the availability of the previously selected car.
  11. In case of malfunction of the ordered car the comapny reserves the right to replace it with a car at equivalent rate or of higher class.
  12. All paid parkings, waiting and drive-in payments shall be covered by customer.
  13. When order extension is required at the time of its actual implementation customer shall pay directly to the driver if the payment is effected in cash or call company manager and specify the final amount of payment when the payment is made via bank transfer.
  14. The cost of transfer (meeting) includes: waiting at the airport for one hour from the time for which the car is ordered; transfer to the first address in St. Petersburg. In case of waiting for more than one hour in addition to the transfer cost the rate of the waiting shall be paid, too, according to the selected class of the car. The cost of transfer (seeing off) includes: transfer from any point in St. Petersburg to the airport, regardless of the duration of the trip. In case of waiting for the customer the time of waiting shall be paid according to the selected class of the car. When transfer is ordered from Leningrad region, in addition to the cost of transfer, the one-way mileage shall be paid as well, at the rate of 20 rubles / km.
  15. The car decoration for a wedding ceremony shall be provided by customer, the decorating is done by a driver. It is prohibitted to attach decorations to antenna and other places where decoration would impair the driver's vision .
  16. It is forbidden to drink alcohol and smoke in the car without the consent of the driver - it may lead to the damage of your clothes and vehicle interior;
  17. The company shall not be responsible for any items left in the car. The spotted forgotten items will be passed to dispatcher.
  18. Customer is not entitled to demand exceeding the set speed rate and violating traffic rules.
  19. Customer shall be responsible for broken, cut, stained parts of car interior. In that case customer shall indemnify the damage to the driver.