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Economy Class

Min. order one hour for car delivery to be added to the cost
Mitsubishi Lancer
Capacity 4 people .
13 Euro per hour
Ford Focus
Capacity 4 people .
11 Euro per hour

Are you planning a business trip to Saint-Petersburg and looking for a reliable and well-priced car to hire? Economy-class car hire with a driver is the kind of the solution for people who need to travel around the city at a low cost. This is a good option when there is no need in making an impression at your partners or keeping up the image.

Do you need to hold business talks or get to the airport, railway station, but you are not comfortable with a taxi or it's not very convenient? Do you want to be absolutely sure about the driver's skills and professionalism? Do you expect the car to be delivered at the exact place and time? Renting the economy-type cars you get the required level of service at a reasonable price. At your disposal you'll have a C-class (Ford, Mitsubishi etc.) car with a professional driver.

For more than 10 years in the market we have gained the reputation of a reliable and responsible carrier which we highly value and care for. Therefore we seek to provide all kinds of solutions for our customers connected with transportation services and vehicles rent. Choosing "VSK-Logistics" as your partner you ensure your comfort, convenience, security and reliability. To find out more information about economy-class car hire with the driver you can call our staff or leave a request on our web-page.