Min. order The price may vary depending on the route. Complete information inquire with the manager
Robinson R-44
Capacity 3 people .
15 minutes
15 Euro/1 minutes
Bell 407
Capacity 6 people .
15 minutes
21 Euro/1 minutes
Bell 206
Capacity 3 people .
15 minutes
30 Euro/1 minutes
Bell 429
Capacity 6 people .
15 minutes
44 Euro/1 minutes

Would You like to pull out the maximum number of business meetings in just one day? Do You need to arrange talks in the cities nearby St. Petersburg (Vyborg, Veliky Novgorod, Pskov)? Are You tired of wasting time in multi-hour traffic jams? More and more popularity is gained by helicopter taxi service offered by VSK Logistics to its discerning customers. The advantages of that type of transportation include:

  • fast travel to a place regardless of traffic situation on roads,
  • high speed of movement (5 times faster compared to road vehicles);
  • possibility to go to places with difficult access

Dut to helicopter rent You may plan and carry out a significant amount of business meetings, it will enable You to save time and money.

In addition to organization of business trips and entertainment tours, the rent of a helicopter is an indispensable way to effect construction site inspection, advertising campaigns, photo- and video shooting.

Get in touch with VSK Logistics specialists and they will assist you in choosing the standard flight plan or lay down Your individual one that will meet all Your requirements and wishes.