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Сompany transfer of employees

The priority issue for leaders at the present stage of economic development is taking care of personnel. One of the component part of that is the issue of employees’ transfer to and from their work place as well as for a corporate event, if any.

You don’t know how to solve the problem of personnel transfer to a work place? You don’t want to run the extra cost of maintaining Your own fleet of vehicles?

Are Your employees working at night shift and experiencing difficulty getting at work on time? Typically, the service of personnel transfer is ordered in two cases:

  • On a regular basis: if your enterprise is located at the territory in a part of the city with difficult access or outside the city and your employees work at night shifts, then the only way to organize the personnel arrival to work place and departure from it is the organization of company transfer.
  • One-time order of company transfer: if your employees are taking courses to enhance their qualification in the evening or employees have to be taken out after a prolonged corporate event.

VSK Logistics company may assist You in solving the issue of personnel transfer at minimum cost. The list of services for the organization of company transfer includes:

  • transfer from metro and back.
  • night transfer,
  • one-time transfer(corporate event or when employees stay late at the workplace).

If you have to effect personnel transfer, please, get in touch with the specialists of VSK Logistics company and they will assist you in choosing the most convenient option of company transfer.